Matthew Vaughn Says Critics Were ‘Vitriolic’ Over ‘Argylle’ and the Bad Reviews ‘Took Me By Surprise’: ‘We Didn’t Make “Citizen Kane,” but F—ing Hell’

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“Argylle” director Matthew Vaughn was disappointed by critics hating his spy comedy.

There’s a larger discussion of just what people are wanting from their movies and if expectations are being set correctly by the marketing teams and if they’re being met by the final product. I personally thought Argylle was a great movie that felt much like all of Vaughn’s other films and it’s a shame that the general public, or at least the critics in general, felt like they didn’t get the film they were expecting.

What’s the value in a movie review if you’re judging a comedy action film on the merits of a action blockbuster? As the saying goes, if you test a fish on it’s ability to speak, you’ll miss the fact it’s a pretty good swimmer.

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