“The Haunted Mansion” Review

The Haunted Mansion: Directed by Rob Minkoff. With Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker, Marsha Thomason. A realtor and his wife and children are summoned to a mansion, which they soon discover is haunted, and while they attempt to escape, he learns an important lesson about the family he has neglected.

This year’s HORROR MARATHON is starting with the first “Haunted Mansion film from 2003 with Eddie Murphy, it takes itself serious enough that some of the scares are legitimate enough, but remembers that it’s based off a Disney walking simulator, so there’s nothing that’s going to make you poop your pants in terror. The special effects still hold up and the only thing that’s slightly out of place is Eddie’s method of intentional over the top acting that I seem to have lost my taste for.

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