Movie Theater Owners Blame Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Box Office ‘Collapse’ on Disney Plus Launch

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Movie theater operators did not mince words in asserting that Disney left money on the table by putting Marvel’s “Black Widow” on Disney Plus on the same day as its theatrical debut. Disney announced in March that “Black Widow,” among several of its 2021 films, would premiere simultaneously on the studio’s subscription-based streaming service — […]

I’m not sure how much I believe that it’s actually Disney Plus’s fault that people aren’t going to the theaters in massive waves of audience participation, after as we are still battling Covid-19, and in my neck of the woods the Delta variant has taken the lead and our hospitals are at an all time high for capacity, with emergency overflow wings being opened back up. I can’t imagine there’s many people that look at that situation and think “yeah, it’d be smart to go sit in a giant room with 500 other people and breath in what they’re breathing out”.

I mean, I know what those people do for well established social norms at a theater with their talking and walking around during the film, I can only speculate what they’re like out in the rest of the world.

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