A word of WARNING in regards to Disney Premier Access and Black Widow

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Natasha confronts her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake.

“Premier Access” does not give you the ability to watch the movie on it’s release night of 7/8/2021, but only gives you access to the film after it’s “Official” release date of 7/9/2021. Here in my hometown there’s at least 40 showings of the film that start in about an hour and a half, so it’s hard to understand why Disney is making anyone spending $30 on a single movie for a single person wait until a full day after the rest of the world has an opportunity to watch it.

I spoke with a CSR with Disney+, and as you can imagine they had no idea what the complaint was, repeating that the “official release date for Premier Access is 7/9”. Well that’s all well and fine, but that’s not what happening here in the real world. This is obviously going to be the last time that I try this Premier Access program, it just isn’t work the money that i’m spending on it. I realize that Disney is an empire built on hubris, but there’s no way that this film is worth more than what I would get from a $25 AMC A-List subscription: 3 movies a week, on the day of release, and any format I want. With DPE, I get to spend $30 for a single film, wait a day after release, and only on my couch.

It’s an ok couch, but not $30 per movie ok. Actually, it’s a terrible couch and I need to replace it, but alas, I’m still broke from my own terrible financial decisions.

Here’s the release schedule for a local theater

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