“Cain and Mabel” Review

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Directed by Lloyd Bacon. With Marion Davies, Clark Gable, Allen Jenkins, Roscoe Karns. A talented boxer and a gifted dancer hope to increase their waning popularity by inventing a fictitious love affair for the benefit of the tabloids.

Watched it because I found a DVD for just $2 and I read an interesting story about the movie, in how Marion Davies (the female lead) wanted to do some expensive scenes that required a stage building that just didn’t exist yet. Seeing those scenes, I agree that they would have been less impactful, but honestly they were somewhat out of place with the rest of the film, which was about the love between two people that were tricked into a relationship and were tired of what being famous was doing to them. It’s a good movie and highlights Marion Davies who only did one more movie after this one, and gave some juicy lines to Clark Gable who was just coming off of a stint of 15 movies, then went on to make “Gone With The Wind” just a couple years later. It’s a simple enough story that resonates with me enough that I’m shocked it hasn’t been remade.

Here’s a video from the 90’s that talks about the modification of the stage in the 30’s:

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