“Breach” Review

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Directed by John Suits. With Cody Kearsley, Bruce Willis, Rachel Nichols, Kassandra Clementi. On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon.

Remember when Bruce Willis was making movies that had budgets of over $10? I do, I watched one earlier this week and it was great.

Has there been any news about why he’s doing all these low budget fan fiction feeling films? I know Nicolas Cage has a tax burden that he’s working off, and Thomas Jane has always enjoyed the small screen, but why Mr Willis? Why are you doing movies like this?

Obviously I have a low opinion of the film, it’s a poorly filmed, poorly acted, poorly poor film that doesn’t do much right. The best I can say is that the final creature’s design was pretty cool looking, but far too derivative of other, better films.

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