“Unhinged” Review

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Directed by Derrick Borte. With Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius, Gabriel Bateman, Jimmi Simpson. After a confrontation with an unstable man at an intersection, a woman becomes the target of his rage.

A movie about a lady that’s pretty terrible at being a decent human being, who then meets another somewhat more horrible person. They then compete to be the world’s worst person making bad decisions through the film, most of which would have been easily avoidable if they did what we’ve all be trained to do to be safe in the world.

Take for instance the gas station scene:
She leaves phone in car, which you should never do, take it with you.
She doesn’t lock doors when she’s at the station. Lock you car doors the moment you get out.
She uses her car’s gas cap to wedge the pump to be always on. Want to know why we have pumps that automatically turn off now? it’s because of idiots doing this, then walking away from their cars.
Which brings me to the fact that she walks away from her car while it’s filling up! An unattended, unlocked vehicle with gasoline being poured into it is the definition of unsafe.
She then uses the c-store ATM, most of which are safe to use, but I believe that of all the unsecure ATM locations, c-stores are the worst one, not to mention all of the out of network fees that you hit. No wonder she’s complaining about money problems with these kinds of decisions.
Which leads into her buying gambling tickets to gamble at the gas station. here in florida we call those the “idiot tax” because only idiots buy them.
So it stands to reason that if she walked away from the car while it was still being filled, it was sitting there while she was in the store gambling and doing her banking, which is insanely rude to anyone else that wanted to use that pump.
Rule of the road: pump your gas, then if you need to go inside, move your car away from the pump.

Honestly that scene just killed me with the stacks upon stacks of idiot decisions, but the rest of the film is filled with more of the same. At no point did she think to grab her gun, or even go to the police, just lots of running around and getting other people killed in car accidents, including one clueless, witless idiot doing her makeup in the middle of the interstate, which was honestly the only satisfying death in the entire movie.

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