Marvel Legends Interactive Electronic Deadpool’s Head

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“Have you ever wanted to own a piece of me, Deadpool? Now you can, you lucky stiff.” From the jerks who brought you Marvel Legends, including that shiny expensive glove, a bunch of helmets with glowing eyes (OooOoooOhhh!), and a ton of Build-A-Figure pieces that you’ll step on one day (all sold separately), comes this premium, interactive, app-enhanced Deadpool Head! It features over 600 lines of content that are absolutely not guaranteed to be funny, because is anything in life really guaranteed? But we tried. We really, really tried. A bunch of comic book writers, editors, stand-up comedians, and hacks from Hasbro worked as hard as they possibly could to make you laugh. So, we hope you laugh. We need this, OK? Anyway, the Marvel Legends Interactive Electronic Deadpool’s Head definitely looks like the Merc’s head, too, if Deadpool were a real person with a head. You gottta get one of these! Ages 18 and up.

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