Psycho Bates Motel Lightup Sign

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Psycho Bates Motel Lightup Sign

* Vacancy sign blinks in red!
* Cool prop replica from the classic movie Psycho!
* Scare away all the neighborhood kids!

Welcome to the Bates Motel! You can check in, but you’ll never check out… at least in the usual sense of the word. From the landmark Alfred Hitchcock horror movie Psycho, this electric Bates Motel sign lights up with bright blue letters and a separate vacancy sign that blinks in red. But don’t go in! If you do, then please don’t order any room service. You know who’ll deliver it and what the result will be. The sign makes a fascinating addition to your wall or door, perfect for your next party! It measures 16-inches tall x 16-inches wide x 2-inches deep and plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet. For indoor use only. Ages 14 and up.

Well golly! If they have a vacancy, then I can stop in and take a nice soothing shower. Right, Mother?

via Psycho Bates Motel Lightup Sign – Rubies – Horror: Psycho – Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth.

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