The Yautjas species was first encountered in Fox’s 1987 release Predator, hunting humans for sport in Central America. The alien warriors use highly advanced weapons and technologies and live by a code of honor, marking themselves in the blood of their kill. Continuing the story of these Predators’ ongoing war with the Xenomorph alien species is the 2007 film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. The two species go head to head using a small, rural town as the battlefield.

From highly advanced technologies to basic weapons and tools, the Predator arsenal includes an impressive range of weapons and armor for effectively stalking prey and engaging in hand-to-hand combat. The Predator dagger is able to slice through layers of flesh with a single blow and can withstand the acidic blood of the Xenomorph alien.

It’s 26″ H (660.4mm) x 5.5″ W (139.7mm) x 9.5″ D (241.3mm) and weighs 8 pounds, so it’s got some heft to it.  Sadly, it’s just a replica, so it’ll likely fail if you try to use it against acid blood aliens.

via Sideshow Collectibles, Inc.

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