Flynn / Polystone Bust – TRON

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Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the outstanding Disney Bust series from Grand Jester Studios and the creators of the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Trapped in a virtual world where sentient Programs compete in gladiatorial-style games and race lightcycles across the Grid at hyper-velocity, computer whiz Kevin Flynn joins forces with the legendary freedom fighter, Tron, to battle the evil Sark and bring about the downfall of the malevolent Master Control Program. The digitized hero’s innate skills and resourcefulness are first put to the test when he finds himself thrust into a deadly contest where opponents hurl glowing energy spheres at each other’s ringed platforms in an effort to de-rez them forever. Flynn’s quick wit and indefatigable spirit radiate from this character authentic polystone mini-bust designed by Disney animator Ruben Procopio and sculpted by Dave Cortes. Standing 8.5 inches tall, Flynn comes painted and ready to display

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