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the bottom represents “the bride”.. the scene in which Beatrice is gunned down in the opening scene.. there is white bridal lace with blood and realistic chocolate bullets…the next teir is a Japanese pagoda.. this represents the scene toward the end in which Beatrice fights the “crazy 88’s” and O-Ren Ishii..it has the traditional rooftiles and curves and bamboo of a pagoda.. all edible …. the top is yellow with a black stripe to represent the suit Beatrice wears when she is fighting O-Ren Ishii contains an edible peice of notebook paper made of fondant with Beatirice’s “death List five” , and katana..
( which was not edible.. i thought it would make a nice keepsake) and a mask that represents the “crazy 88 “.. with a whole lotta royal icing blood splatter = )

kill bill cake via The Awesomer

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