Measuring approximately 14” wide, 9” tall and 6.5” deep, the Jabba’s Palace Bookend Set is a hand-numbered limited edition accompanied by a corresponding certificate of authenticity. The Bookend Set’s modular disposition allows for a conventional bookend function or display as standalone components. The left portion encompasses a section of Jabba’s throne room which includes the mounted head of a Tauntaun, a porcine, axe-equipped Gamorrean Guard, and the pistol-equipped Boba Fett. The right portion encompasses a section which includes the wall-mounted carbonite-frozen Han Solo, and Leia clad in her Boushh disguise. Following Boba Fett’s acquisition of Han Solo and the bounty hunter’s transport of the latter to Jabba the Hutt, a scheme is initiated by Solo’s friends to infiltrate Jabba’s palace and perform a rescue. Disguised as the Ubese bounty hunter Boushh, Leia delivers the shackled, humbled Chewbacca to Jabba as an appendix to Solo’s capture. Using cutthroat tactics to ingratiate herself, Leia seemingly earns the Hutt’s trust. Later, during sleeping hours, Leia stealthily revisits the throne room, releasing Solo from the carbonite block and revealing her true identity, only to learn that her actions have been anticipated by Jabba, the latter of whom lies carefully in wait. Both Leia and Solo, the latter suffering from hibernation sickness, and captured by the Hutt’s ghastly retinue. Though Leia is spared the horror of being transported to the Pit of Carcoon and devoured by the Sarlacc, she is instead recruited as a replacement for Jabba’s former dancing girl, Oola.

I find it interesting they didn’t photograph this one with any books or dvds on it.

via BBTS.

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