1:1 Alien Life Size Statue

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the giant size of this item, it can only be shipped by freight truck on a large pallet. We will contact you to work out shipping details.

The 1:1 Alien Life-sized Statue is a hand-painted intricately constructed fiberglass sculpture measuring 7’ 8” tall. Harvested directly from the molds used to create the Alien costumes for the original film, the life-sized Alien features a translucent cranial housing and a set of pharyngeal jaws, and is mounted atop a pedestal designed to simulate the grid work floor of the Nostromo, complete with floor-situated concealed lighting.

In the original film, the crew of the Nostromo answers what is initially interpreted as a distress signal, investigating a foreboding planetoid and discovering a dank alien spacecraft manned by a single, long-dead life form. The subsequent discovery by Executive Officer Kane of a nest of eggs leads to Kane’s mishap with the Facehugger. In the medical bay of the Nostromo is it ascertained that the acid-secreting Facehugger cannot be forcefully removed. Eventually, the Facehugger, reduced to a grisly husk, voluntarily detaches, although soon after the Chestburster rips its way out of Kane and vanishes, later reappearing as the Alien. Infiltrating the darkened crawlspaces and corridors of the Nostromo, the Alien preys upon the Nostromo’s crew, until only the resourceful Warrant Officer Ripley remains.

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