First up is a limited edition die-cast replica of Sam's Light Cycle from the “Tron Legacy” movie. It will be limited to 3000 pieces and cost $5. The second exclusive will be a special edition Tron Vintage Figure. This will be a static figure of Tron from the original “Tron” movie and will come in a very cool-looking package made to look like the Tron arcade game. The figure has a light-up feature on the base that can be activated in or out of the arcade-style packaging. This figure will be limited to 1500 pieces and cost $40.

Both of these exclusives will be made available only to those people who attend the San Diego Comic Con, and they will be sold at the Tron booth being run by the folks at Spinmaster and Disney. San Diego Comic Con takes place from July 21-25.

via ToyNewsI

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