Big Chap’s squat cousin

We have the ginormous 22″ Alien, but then we realized, maybe you don’t have that much room on your desk. Maybe you’re stuck in a tiny cubicle that doesn’t allow you to express yourself with such flair and reckless abandon. (Have you considered applying to work here?) Or maybe you don’t like the kind of action figure that requires you to provide the action. We grok your laziness, friend. Life is way easier when you can have all your hard work accomplished through the miracle of USB.

Little Chap

That’s why we love the USB Light-Up Alien. He’s a squished down version of Big Chap, measuring at just over nine inches tall. With a 1m long USB cable, you can even reach to plug him into the back of your tower or docking station. Every so often, his mouth will open, glowing with an evil red glow, and the inner mouth will extend out, reminding you that at any moment, you could die a horrible, horrible death. (And isn’t that what most day jobs are all about?)

Product Specifications

* Little Chap USB Light-Up Alien with Illuminated Inner Mouth

* He’s from Japan!

* True to the movie, except he’s a bit squished (In a cute but still evil way)

* Think of him like an adorable dwarf version of Big Chap

* Inner pops out and lights up at random intervals

* Size: 9.4″ tall

via ThinkGeek :: Alien USB Collectible.

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