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Sideshow Collectibles is proud to celebrate the Walt Disney animated classic Sleeping Beauty with the breathtaking Maleficent Premium Format Figure. Each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, dressed in a detailed, real fabric costume, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Featuring an intricate base design inspired by the final battle scene, the Maleficent Premium Format Figure is created here in stunning detail, a perfect addition to any collection or Disney display.

Product Specifications



Product Type:

Premium Format Figure

Product Size:

22″ H (558.8mm) x 9″ W (228.6mm) x 10″ D (254mm)*

Product Weight:

10.00 lbs (4.54 kg)*

Box Size:

26.00″ H (660.4mm) x 15.00″ W (381mm) x 14.00″ L (355.6mm)*

Est. Shipping Weight:

10.00 lbs (4.54 kg)*

* Product size and weight are approximate values. Est. Ship Weight is an estimated value for U.S. shipping calculated by item, box and shipping materials. International (non-EU) shipping costs are based on dimensional weight, click here for more information.


* Kevin Ellis

* Matt Aylward

* Joe Allard

* Mireya Romo-Bowen

* Idol Workshop

* Tom Gilliland

* The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles

Product Backstory

The evil fairy Maleficent is responsible for all misfortune that befalls King Stefan’s kingdom, the merest killing frost bearing her mark. When only the good fairies are invited to bestow gifts upon the newborn princess Aurora, the slighted sorceress arrives in a thunderclap to bestow her own “gift” and exact a dark revenge. “Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die,” Maleficent curses the infant girl.

For 16 years, the Forbidden Mountains thunder with wrath and frustration as the good fairies keep Aurora hidden from Maleficent, deep within the forest. Her evil pride will not be denied, and so Maleficent sends her beloved raven to search for the princess. Just as the curse is about to expire on the eve of Aurora’s 16th birthday, Maleficent finds her quarry and strikes. Savoring her long awaited victory, she gloats, “You poor simple fools, thinking you could defeat me, me! The mistress of all evil.” But Maleficent had best not underestimate her virtuous adversaries. Before the day is done, she’ll have to assume her most fearsome guise as a fire-breathing dragon to defend all she’s won.

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