You know what your desk needs? A lightsaber. Yeah, we know, it seems obvious, but we’ll bet you don’t have one. Besides, with most offices frowning upon “real weapons,” you can sneak this one in under the radar. They’ll think, “Awww, look at that cute novelty lamp!” Dueling But you’ll know that you can whip it out of the base and slice down some Sith… or maybe just those guys from Marketing. Smarmy jerks. They never invite you to go out to lunch with them.

This miniature lightsaber is just over a foot long. When you’re not cutting down Joe from Marketing, you can set it in its base where it’ll charge up and emit a soft blue glow to soothe you while you make login page functional and elegant. If you love lamp and you love Star Wars, this office accessory is a no brainer.


Product Specifications

* Desk lamp in the shape of a lightsaber adds a bit of the Force to your cubicle

* Powered by the Force, aka USB

* The base charges the lightsaber to illuminate the desk as a desk lamp

* Lightsaber can be removed from the base when charged and used to attack annoying coworkers

* Licensed LucasFilmTM collectible

* Dimensions: about 13.75 inches tall while in base

via ThinkGeek :: USB Lightsaber Lamp.

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