Skynet’s Distributed Computing Platform

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“DCP is a volunteer system for grid computing that enables Skynet Research to tap into the processing power of computers around the world.” It sounds kind of like SETI@home or Folding@home (for those of you who know what those are), but for Skynet, and obviously this means one day they’ll be taking over all of our computers (and the world). You can download Skynet’s DCP application from this link. It’s located on a Warner Brothers website because I’m sure they have some crazy policies regarding actually downloading software and you have to agree to the terms of service to even get it to begin with – so don’t do this at work.
Skynet’s Distributed Computing Platform – Download This! √ā¬ę

Normally I have moral / ethical issues with installing software of dubious origins.¬† but this software is supposed to end humanity.¬† So fuck it, I’m going to install it.¬† What’s the worse that can happen with a piece of software named “Skynet Distributed Computing”?

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