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stvist f Intrada Releases Star Trek VI Complete Score

Music Composed and Conducted by CLIFF EIDELMAN
INTRADA Special Collection MAF 7117

From its opening bars, Cliff Eidelman’s music for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country exhibits marked differences from previous Star Trek scores, known for their emphasis on the romantic voyage of the Enterprise and the heroism of its crew. The focus in this score is on darker music used more sparingly for the films’ antagonists. The Klingon music not only pervades the score—in a sense, it is the score—but characterizes the alien race quite differently than in previous films. In the opening cue—deliberately titled “Overture” as opposed to ” Main Title” — the composer intended the rising-and-falling figure for cellos and double basses that opens the film—inspired by The Firebird—as the theme for another “bird,” the Klingon bird-of-prey. “That was there to help us feel the effects of something we can’t see, and in this film it really had to do with the Klingon ship that was cloaked,” Eidelman recalls. “It had to do with the fact that it’s mysterious, it’s dangerous and we can’t see it, and that theme kind of represented that.” Later, Eidelman employs a sepulchral men’s chorus, a color absent from any previous Star Trek music. Ultimately, Eidelman establishes a mood in which chaos and havoc appear poised to triumph while heroism and valor struggle to be heard over the forces of darkness.


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bobbafettear 500x500 Show your style

This comes with an adjustable strap, and a 4ft cord, which should be enough for most of us headphone users. This is an officially licensed product, so for all you serious collectors out there, you best be on top of this. Their quality is likely fair, but it’s the aesthetic that we want, right?

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61PYIPYoCoL. SL500 AA240 Iron Man 2 (Deluxe CD/ DVD Package): AC/DC: Music

15 track CD with 32 page booklet plus DVD featuring exclusive interviews, behind the scenes footage, and music videos.


1. Shoot to Thrill

2. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation

3. Guns for Hire

4. Cold Hearted Man

5. Back in Black

6. Thunderstruck

7. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)

8. Evil Walks

9. T.N.T.

10. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

11. Have a Drink on Me

12. The Razor's Edge

13. Let There Be Rock

14. War Machine

15. Highway to Hell

via Iron Man 2 (Deluxe CD/ DVD Package)accba0b69f352b4c9440f05891b015c5 Iron Man 2 (Deluxe CD/ DVD Package): AC/DC: Music

And for those of you out there that have yet to purchase a cd or dvd player, Amazon also has this in Vinyl, so you can break out your turn tables and rock out with the rest of us.

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