“Sky Line” Review

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Directed by Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Jonny Leahan. With Arthur C. Clarke, Bradley C. Edwards, Ted Semon, Tom Nugent. The concept of an elevator to space is not new. In the world of Arthur C. Clarke, it is a natural progression. What most people don’t know is that men and women around the world are working hard to build it right this moment. Some want to solve the energy crisis, some want easier access to raw materials in the solar system, and some just want to travel to space and gaze upon their home planet. …

I thought it was going to be a hard science documentary about the future of space elevators, but what I got was the story of some of the people that have had arguably lofty ambitions for themselves in their ability to deliver space elevators with our current levels of technology. It’s a well made piece, but it’s more about the people behind a specific company that seems to have not pushed the tech as far as they would have liked.

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