Lage Manufacturing made this one off Aliens M41A Pulse rifle. It is a M-11 in 9mm shoved into the body of a M41A Pulse Rifle. They used a Remington 870 AOW/SBS for the grenade launcher portion of the Pulse Rifle. The actual movie prop was based off a Thompson M1A and a Franchi SPAS 12 shotgun. I don’t care what the Lage MFG pulse rifle is made of. It looks really cool and the round counter works

This needs to make it into production somehow. I could imagine spending stupid money on something like this, especially if it’s available in 10 millimeter explosive-tip caseless, the standard light armor-piercing round 😉

via The Firearm Blog.

The M41A Pulse Rifle is a pulse-action, air-cooled, automatic assault rifle chambered for 10×24mm Caseless ammunition manufactured by Armat Battlefield Systems.[1] It was mainly employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps and the United States Army as their primary infantry weapon during the late 22nd century.[1] Through its use with the USCM, it saw regular use in various engagements with the Xenomorph and Yautja species. – Wikia

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