Terminator 2 T-800 Brain Chip Replica

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brainchip2 500x375 Terminator 2 T 800 Brain Chip Replica

From Terminator 2: Judgment Day, comes this exciting new licensed prop – the T-800’s damaged brain chip.

The brain chip was salvaged from the severely damaged Terminator from the end of the original Terminator movie, and provided the basis for all of the research and development carried out by Cyberdyne Systems. This brain chip was the key to the development of Cyberdyne systems weapons and robotics developments, that ultimately lead to Judgment Day! Comes complete with a themed light-up display base with a Cyberdyne Systems plaque.

This is a must have for all Terminator fans and collectors!

Limited to just 400 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

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brainchip 500x375 Terminator 2 T 800 Brain Chip Replica

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