Amazon Exclusive Nite Owl Ship + Digital Copy and BD-Live of Watchmen Director’s Cut

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own ship dvd set 500x500 Amazon Exclusive Nite Owl Ship + Digital Copy and BD Live of Watchmen Directors Cut

Owl ship packaging with lights and sound

Disc 1:
Director’s cut with over 24 minutes of extra footage

Maximum Movie Mode

Disc 2:
The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics: The original graphic novel’s groundbreaking impact

Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes: Explores how the characters are mirrored in historical and contemporary real-life behavior

Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World

All 11 Watchmen video journals

My Chemical Romance “Desolation Row” music video

Disc 3:
Digital Copy – Theatrical version: compatible with iTunes and Windows Media devices; download code expires 7/31/2010

Additional features via BD-Live (can be shared on Facebook)

This is one sweet Statue, add in the BluRay copies and the $110 asking price doesn’t seem too bad.


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