Home-built Batman Begins Batmobile

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RM Auctions recently declared James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 to be “the world’s most famous car,” but there’s no doubt another contender for that title – the Batmobile. One thing that muddies the waters a bit is the fact that the term “Batmobile” actually describes at least three different vehicles: the modified Lincoln Futura concept car from the 60s TV series, the vaguely Corvette-shaped 1989-and-beyond movie cars and now the car from the most recent two movies, the military-spec Tumbler. Michigan-based movie props artist Bob Dullam really likes the Tumbler, so he did what any of us would do in his position – he built one of his own from scratch.

My inner geek is having a fucking melt down right now.  They’re lumping the beautiful Batman / Batman Returns batmobile with the abortions from Batman Forever and Batman and Robin?  And they’re saying that no one would recognize any of the batmobiles from the comic books?

That being said, I LIKE the tumbler, but it’s never been actually called “the batmobile” in any of the films.

I’d still like to take it out for a spin though!

via Kapow!

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