Legend: Meg Mucklebones

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SOT10054 500x187 Legend: Meg Mucklebones

So, Jack’s making it through the swamp, trudging, wading on through, sword and shield in hand. Suddenly he gets waylaid by the flesh-eating swamp hag, Meg Mucklebones. Jack, sensing his dilemma, wisely decides to throw a little pillow talk Meg’s way, throwing her off-balance, sidetracking her carnivorous frenzy. Jack promptly points out his inadequacies as a satisfying meal, and gives Meg his reflective shield by which she might admire her own reflection. Now comes the time for the death stroke—except Jack manages to drop his sword.

Meg Mucklebones stands knee-deep in a sculpted base of her own foul quagmire, poised alongside a drooping dead tree. Her lank green body is festooned with rotted vines; her lank hair mingles indistinguishably with the vines dangling from her from stooped back to knobby hips. Her hands are webbed, her knobby fingers ending in long curled black talons. She has a face similar to any classic Halloween witch you’ve ever seen, beady eyes, sunken mouth, a long hooked nose curving inwards towards a pointed chin. Confirmed proof that you should probably avoid wading through cursed swamps whenever possible.
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