Celebration V Exclusive Star Wars Eau Lando Cologne

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eau lando cologne 500x375 Celebration V Exclusive Star Wars Eau Lando Cologne

Card player. Gambler. Scoundrel. You’ll like him!

You’ve rubbed fashionably-clothed elbows with with some of the most notorious bounty hunters, outlaws and gangsters in the galaxy, all the while maintaining your sophisticated appetites and an unquestionably cool style all your own. Because a suave pirate-turned-respectable businessman deserves the best the galaxy has to offer – in surroundings, in belongings … and most certainly in female companionship.

Classy and stylish, Eau Lando Cologne by Genki Wear is a potent mix of mandarin warmed with incense and lotus flower, exotic woods, dark violet and sensuous musk.

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