Iron Man 2 3-in-1 Repulsor Blaster

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iron man 2 blasters Iron Man 2 3 in 1 Repulsor Blaster

* Inspired by the movie series!

* Lights! Sounds! Missiles!

* Fits on your hand and makes you feel like a hero!

Tony Stark’s armor has so many goodies packed into it that it’s astounding they all came from the mind of one man. Now, another of his inventions can be yours! The Iron Man 2 3-in-1 Repulsor Blaster fits right onto your wrist and lets you fire projectiles, flash lights, and make noises just like in the movie. Keen!

Hm, I wonder how bright the hand piece is?  Could it confuse and scare intruders?  Could this be a good home defense device perhaps?

via Entertainment Earth.

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