c118 japanese r2d2 usb humidifier R2 D2 USB Humidifier

Droid powered soothing moist air

In the dry desert climate of Tatooine the Sand People have a real complexion problem. fill it up!

They’ve tried coating their skin with Bantha blubber and experimented with Jawa dung. However in the end the Sand People were forced to wrap their faces with strips of coarse burlap and call it a day. That was until these R2-D2 USB Humidifiers came along.

Now the Sand People can fill these mini droids with water and plug them into their laptops for a soothing mist. We've found that the climate of some offices is almost as dry as Tatooine, so Earth based humans can enjoy as well.

Product Features

* Mini Humidifiers are shaped like R2-D2 and are powered via USB

* Pop R2's top and add water, plug-in for soothing mist

* Piezoelectric technology

* Imported from Japan

* Fully Licensed Lucasfilm Collectable

via ThinkGeek :: Japanese R2-D2 USB Humidifier.

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