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Can you believe it’s been 30 years since the original Alien movie? Some of our younger monkeys weren’t even alive when it came out – but that doesn’t stop them from being major fans. Touted as one of the greatest movie monsters of all time, the original Alien designed by H.R. Giger was an amazing sight to behold. Not to mention that it haunted our dreams for weeks – nay, MONTHS! But that’s what kept us coming back, got our butts in the theater to see the sequel, and got our credit cards out to buy the DVDs to watch again and again at home. There’s something about an iconic monster like the Alien that makes us both terrified and gleeful.

BIG Chap

…which is why everyone at ThinkGeek HQ has been loving this figure! For starters, it’s HUGE. It’s built to the 18″ = 6 feet scale, so in total, it’s about 22″ when it’s standing up straight. The quality of the sculpt is amazing, with every little detail down to the shape of the hands true to the original film. (Speaking of that, since he is from the original Alien, you can see through his skull to the interior bone.) Its inner mouth can extend out or be tucked inside. The best part about this figure is the options for posing it. There are points of articulation in the neck, jaw, shoulders, elbows, chest, knees, and ankles and the tail is fully bendable, so there’s a huge range of possibilities when it comes to displaying your new friend.

Product Specifications

* 18″ scale action figure of the terrifying Alien from the movie aptly named… Alien

* Full size of figure is approximately 22″ tall

* Designed based on the Alien from the classic 1979 movie

* Amazing quality sculpt and paint that is screen accurate

* Bendable tail and points of articulation in the neck, jaw, shoulders, elbows, chest, knees, and ankles

* Inner mouth can extend out or be tucked inside

* Quality joints mean your figure will hold the poses you put it in – no wilting!

* WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

via ThinkGeek :: Alien 18″ Figure.

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