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dr horrible 1 Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette #1   Dr. Horrible Himself!

“The world is a mess and I just… need to rule it.” – Dr. Horrible

It seems only fitting that the first authorized and fully-licensed Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette is of the man with the PhD in Horribleness himself.

Cast in professional-grade resin and painted by hand, Dr. Horrible is pictured in his moment of triumph, holding his Freeze Ray aloft in one hand and shaking his fist at the world. As with all QMx animated maquettes, Dr. Horrible comes with many screen-accurate details, such as his goggles, the medical symbol on his smock and, of course, the aforementioned deanimation gun. He stands over six inches tall – nine, if you include his weapon. Freeze Ray. Tell your friends.

Dr. Horrible comes in an edition of 1,000 statues and is the first in a series of limited-edition maquettes based on the characters of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

via Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette #1 – Dr. Horrible Himself!.

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d9gasprojalrg2 500x514 District 9   Gas Projector

The Nigerian crime lord of the District 9 ghetto, Obesandjo, has amassed a significant cache of prawn hardware through terror and pushing tinned cat food.

The Gas Projector is a powerful weapon. If only it could be fired by humans…

An EXACT replica of the guns used in Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, designed by Dr Grordbort’s designer Greg Broadmore and modelled on the actual props created by the artists and craftspeople at Weta Workshop.

This gun comes battle worn, alien gunk oozing out of its couplings and all the scratches and markings you’d expect from tough action in District 9 and by handling by Nigerian gun runners.

It’s made mainly from glass fibre, with some minor details made from other materials. It comes with a wall mounting bracket for display.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless your genetic makeup is part prawn, you cannot power up or fire this gun.

This limited edition prop replica is one of the first in a range of District 9 items from Weta.

via Gas Projector – Full Scale Replica.

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AUTOIMAGES JZ17015lg A Team 15 Inch Toy Sets

# Own the A-Team’s ultimate ride!

# Features electronic lights and sounds!

# Based on designs from the 2010 film!

a team large action figures A Team 15 Inch Toy Sets

a team action figures 2 A Team 15 Inch Toy Sets

Van, 4 pack, 2 pack

via A-Team 15-Inch Classic Van with Electronic Lights and Sounds – Jazwares – A-Team – Action Figures at Entertainment Earth.

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AUTOIMAGES DC17729lg Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Communicator Replica

For all those Star Trek fans that have been waiting over 20 years to have a communicator that accurately recreates one of Kirk s most memorable moments on film your moment is here Open this up and hear “KHAAAAN ” as many times as you like Featuring flashing lights and phrases from Admiral Kirk Spock Khan and Uhura as well as the authentic communicator chirp sound effects. Features 3 play modes Voice Clip Mode Screaming Kirk Mode and Hail Call-Back function. Communicator chirps when Communicator is opened or closed. Order yours today

via Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Communicator Replica – Diamond Select – Star Trek – Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth.

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e06c c3po backpack C 3PO Bespin Backpack

Don the C-3PO Bespin Backpack and your friends will think you’ve just rescued an over-talkative droid from the smelter on Cloud City. C-3PO features light-up flickering eyes and has a zippered storage pocket in his torso.

Based on the famous scene from “Empire Strikes Back” where C-3PO is almost destroyed and has to be cobbled back together by Chewbacca, this backpack is a fully licensed Lucasfilm collectable. You can almost imagine C-3PO yammering away while Han Solo is frozen in carbonite… plus if you have an R2 unit and a Wookie handy you can even reassemble his parts into a complete robot.

via ThinkGeek :: C-3PO Bespin Backpack.

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AUTOIMAGES RBRPC001lg Star Trek Original Series Captains Chair Replica

* You have the conn of the USS Enterprise.

* Captain James Tiberius Kirk's command chair!

* Full-size reproduction from the Star Trek: The Original Series TV show.

* Built by Steve Horch of HMS Creative Productions for Roddenberry.

* Hand-crafted to the exact standards of the original!

* Made in the USA.

Here's your chance to own the most iconic and well-known piece of furniture in television history! This authentic recreation of Captain Kirk's command chair will turn any room of your home or office into the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Just sitting in this hand-crafted and set-accurate replica will make you want to give an order to fire phasers or raise shields. It's sure to be the most talked-about piece of furniture in your home or office for many years to come!

Back in the 1960s, the command chair was constructed by placing plywood around an obscure piece of Dutch office furniture and then adding wiring, lights, and switches. While the builders of the original set piece are no longer with us, that original command chair was found in the early 1990s and used as reference to construct an exact replica to be used for the sixth season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Relics” for a holodeck recreation of the bridge of the original Enterprise. It would again appear nearly 15 years later in a mirror universe episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Now, the same builder of this command chair replica for Star Trek, Steve Horch, recreates it once again for you. Based on countless photographic references from the original set piece, Steve and his company, HMS Creative Productions, builds a command chair virtually identical in appearance to what was seen on the original Star Trek. Authentic reproductions of all the switches and lights, plus the communications speaker, add intricate detail. All the lights are high-brightness LEDs to aid in the reduction of the amount of heat that an original 1960s incandescent lighting system would produce, and all the indicators are colored transparent plastic castings based on the shapes seen as part of the original chair. All electronics are wired to an AC adaptor with a power cord coming out of the chair platform base for plugging into any 110V outlet.

If you are sitting in the chair, the buttons on the left-hand side activate LEDs which light up the translucent fixtures within the controls. The eight switches all move and operate a single circuit that can be controlled by any of the switches.

On the right-hand side, each white plunge button activates independent LEDs that light up the translucent “gum drop” fixtures separately. The last white button in the row will activate the intercom, where the familiar “swain sound” sound effect can be heard (loudly). There is also a white LED feature within the intercom speaker that lights up upon activation. The red Data Card is removable and comes with two replacement orange, and yellow cards. Finally, the chair has a “spring-back” function where if you rotate the chair from right to left, it will slowly return to it's centered position.

The center seat is made using plywood with solid laminated walnut arms crafted as the originals were. The only difference from the original is Steve's decision to laminate a Formica sheet in the correct color to finish the surface, rather than painting it as the original was finished, since the Formica will not wear as much when one is using the chair. In other words, your command chair will be more scuff-resistant than Captain Kirk's!

The finished product is built to be sturdy and hold up to 250-300 pounds. It's a quality piece of furniture that, if kept indoors, will last for a very long time. Each chair is meticulously crafted by hand, requiring 6 to 8 weeks of total labor. The finished piece is truly stunning and sure to be the most talked-about piece of furniture in your home or office for many years to come. This chair is made by the same prop studio that created them for the Smithsonian, as well as Star Trek: The Experience and Star Trek: The Tour. It's a true 1:1 scale replica!

Please allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.

via Star Trek Original Series Captain’s Chair Replica – Roddenberry – Star Trek – Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth.

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AUTOIMAGES RBPRP1769BUlg Star Trek First Contact Phaser Rifle Prop Replica

# Authentic Phaser Rifle Replica!

# From the Star Trek: First Contact movie.

# Produced using the original master tooling!

# Hand-painted finishing, with lights and sounds.

# Includes shoulder strap, display stand, and more.

“The line must be drawn HERE!”  crash, bang…”look like you broke your little ships captain.”

via Star Trek First Contact Phaser Rifle Prop Replica – Roddenberry – Star Trek – Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth.

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e071 wampa rug Star Wars Wampa Rug

Capture Your Own Hoth Snow Beast

Here at ThinkGeek we pride ourselves on offering nifty products covering all aspects of the Empire Strikes Back story… since it is the 30th anniversary and all. Last year we launched the coveted Tauntaun sleeping bag, allowing children of all ages to nestle safe in the guts of a tauntaun.

Now as a sort of product-based prequel we give you this amazing “bear rug” style Wampa. As you may recall from Empire, before Luke was preserved inside a dead tauntaun he had a fight with a hideous Wampa snow beast in the mountain caves of Hoth. Now you can catch your own Wampa and take him home to decorate your swank bachelor pad. The Star Wars fangirls will love the high-quality synthetic fur, plush pillow head and fearsome claws.

Important Note:

Unfortunately you only get the Wampa rug. Slave Leia is NOT included and we double-dare you to make any comments about how she isn’t featured until the next movie.

via ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Wampa Rug.

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holster 1 Firefly Mal Pistol Holster Artisan Replica

QMx is proud to present this limited edition fine leather replica of unparalleled quality, accuracy and beauty: The Malcolm Reynolds Holster Artisan Replica. This Firefly-vintage Mal holster has been painstakingly researched and recreated by Karl Derrick, the leading expert on Firefly props working in the industry today.

via Firefly Mal Pistol Holster Artisan Replica – Limited Edition!.

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iron man 2 black widow figurine 2 Iron Man 2   1/6th scale Black Widow

Product code: MMS124

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Black Widow Limited Edition Collectible Figurine from the Iron Man 2 movie. The movie-accurate Black Widow collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Scarlett Johansson in the movie, highlighting the newly sculpted head, hair implantation, highly detailed costume and accessories.

The 1/6th scale Black Widow Limited Edition Collectible Figurine specially features:

– Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the movie Iron Man 2

– Newly sculpted head with movie-accurate facial expression and make-up

– Real fabric hair implantation in brownish red long curly hair

– Newly developed TrueType body highlighting her body shape

– Approximately 28 cm tall

– Over 28 points of articulations

– Two (2) pairs of interchangeable gloved palms (one (1) pair of relaxed palms; one (1) pair for holding pistols)

– One (1) extra right gloved palm for posing on waist

– Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Costume :

– One-piece tight dark blue colored jumpsuit with one (1) belt included

– One (1) extra greyish black colored belt with pouches and pistol holster

– One (1) pair of leather-like greyish blue colored platform boots with buckles


– Two (2) pistols


– One (1) pair of bracelets with multiple-bullet design

– Figure base with Black Widow nameplate and the movie logo

Release date: end Q3 – early Q4 2010


– Head Sculpted by Yulli

– Head Painted by JC. Hong

– Head Art Directed by JC. Hong

© 2010 MVLFFLLC. TM & © 2010 Marvel Entertainment, LLC & subs.


– Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different

– All information is subject to change without prior notice.

– The above release date is for reference only, please check with your local distributors and wholesalers for more accurate details.

via HOT TOYS – Products :: Licence :: Iron Man 2 :: Iron Man 2 – 1/6th scale Black Widow Limited Edition Collectible Figurine.

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