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AUTOIMAGES ACSW101lg Star Wars Commander Cody Order 66 Cold Cast Statue

Send in the clones!
Commander Cody is instructed to execute Order 66!
Limited edition cold-cast statue is imported from France.
1:5 scale sculpture stands about 15 3/4-inches tall!

Send in the clones with this Star Wars Commander Cody Order 66 Statue! It features the Republic-loyal Commander Cody receiving orders from the Emperor via hologram. Imported from France, the exquisitely detailed 1:5 scale sculpture stands approximately 15 3/4-inches tall and is limited to just 750 cold-cast pieces worldwide. Execute your order for this fine statue immediately! Ages 13 and up.

via Entertainment Earth.

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CD0092 Darth Vader Clock Radio

The face that launched a thousand destroyers now gets your day started with eyes that glow the time, Volume and Snooze controls integrated into the design, and a voice that could roust an entire Empire out of bed. Set the alarm to play authentic Vader film quotes (“We would be honored if you joined us.” and “The Force is strong with this one.”), tune in to your favorite AM/FM station, or plug an MP3 or CD player into the input jack. 6½”H.

via Darth Vader Clock Radio – The kitsch is strong with this one – The Red Ferret Journal.

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ce9c star wars japanese mini busts Star Wars Japanese Mini Busts

Ever wondered what would happen if you took your favorite Star Wars characters, sculpted them as white marble Beethoven style busts, then shrank them down into detailed capsule toys? Neither have we, but apparently someone at Bandai Japan wondered, and the result is what you see here. Collect all five models including Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Darth Vader. If you get really lucky you might even receive the secret figure.

via ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Japanese Mini Busts.

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cebd ladies of star wars cards The Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards

Poker babes that are out of this world

We geeks don’t stop until we know it all. So if you’ve been playing poker with the same people for a while, you learn their tells. John always rubs his right eye when he’s got pocket aces, Mike always blinks uncontrollably when he’s bluffing, Timmy always gnaws on his tail when he’s got a straight. This makes for very boring poker, since you can read everyone like a book.


Add the Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards to the mix and suddenly, the game is more interesting again. Does Mike have a great hand or is he just staring into the eyes of a Twi’lek dancing girl? Is John not folding because he has a great hand or because he can’t bear the thought of throwing away Senator Amidala? And Timmy… well, he’s still gnawing on his tail, but we’re not sure what that means. Let’s just call.

Product Specifications

* Poker-sized playing card deck with photos of the babes of Star Wars

* Durable, quality, brightly colored cards

* 55 unique images (52 cards, 3 jokers)

* All your favorite ladies: humanoid and alien races

* The iconic Slave Leia is the Queen of Hearts, naturally

* Eye candy makes for interesting issues bluffing during poker games – beware!

via ThinkGeek :: The Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards.

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r2 d2 with tools R2 D2 Deluxe Statue

# Includes a periscope scanner, mechanical gripper, utility saw and more 8 accessories in total

# Finely crafted in poly stone, in 1/6th scale

# Limited edition is yet to be determined

via – R2-D2 Deluxe Statue.

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Incredibly detailed for their size, these snap-together pre-painted models come with display bases and are perfect for desktop display. This set features the first-ever Y-wing with body shell as seen in the book Star Wars: Incredible Cross Sections (of course, The Clone Wars has redefined the look of the pre-hotrodded Y-wing, but we still think this version is pretty cool). Other models include the AT-AT, Snowspeeder, standard Y-wing, TIE Advanced x1, and AT-TE.

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