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These ones won’t help you fly with the power of rocket science, but you’ll look as cool as Iron Man while you wear them! With appliqued detail and metallic gold elasticated sides, these boots are a must for any Iron Man superfan. Polyurethane; rubber Imported Listed in women’s sizes


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IM2 500x711 Tonys Top Stuff

Wow, this little guy looks a lot Robert Downey, Jr (Tony Stark of the Iron Man franchise).  The detail is amazing and look at all the accessories he comes with:

  • Pants
  • Boxer Shorts
  • Tony Stark Reveal Head
  • Shoes
  • Iron Man Prototype Boots w/ 6x clips
  • 2x Kneepads
  • Left Gloveless Hand
  • 2x Belts
  • 2x Pouches
  • 2x Sets Of Hands
  • 4x Tubes
  • Jarvis Robot
  • Backdrop
  • Display Stand

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    iron man pinball 500x365 Iron Man™ Pinball Machine

    Iron Man™ Pinball brings you action and adventure in the Super Hero™ Marvel style. Iron Man™ Pinball is a full-sized arcade pinball machine that provides non-stop action for pinball players of all ages and skill levels. Join billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., as Iron Man, the metallic super hero, on a thrilling action-packed adventure as he battles his enemies.

    Iron Man™ Pinball features visuals, speech, music, and sound effects of Iron Man and his enemies from the Marvel blockbuster film, Iron Man 1, and the all-new Iron Man 2 movie, opening May 7, 2010. Iron Man™ Pinball is sure to be a hit with fans of the famous Marvel comic book series, TV cartoons, and films.

    Pinball players will fight against Whiplash and his ball-catching mechanism, which whips the ball around the playfield; Adding to the challenge is the mechanical War Machine, firing the pinball back to the flippers; and Iron Monger, rising from underneath the playfield to do battle. Iron Man™ Pinball also features two elevated ramps and lots of multi-ball action!

    To get your Iron Man™ pinball machine, contact your nearest Stern Pinball distributor or retailer. You can also contact Jim Belt at 1-708-786-7039 or by e-mail, or Shelley Sax at 1-708-786-7030 or by e-mail.

    via STERN Pinball – Iron Man™.

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    iron man flash drive Iron Man 4GB USB Flash Drive

    * Let Iron Man protect your data!

    * Save important files onto this thumb drive.

    * 4GB of easily portable storage space!

    Standing 3-inches tall and made of sturdy plastic, the Iron Man 4GB USB Flash Drive is a perfect blend of cool design and practicality. Need to store that important file or clip of a movie? With 4GB of memory, this baby can certainly hold its share of pictures, MP3s, or anything else you need to store on the go! It makes a great gift and perfect addition to any Iron Man fan's collection.

    via Entertainment Earth


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    c7aa iron man fx arc reactor Iron Man FX Arc Reactor
    # Fully licensed, full-sized replica of the movie prop from Iron Man.

    # Designed with reference material supplied by Stan Winston Studios.

    # Lights up and is removable from base.

    # Made from machined aluminum, stainless steel, and custom molded plastic.

    # Includes: Arc Reactor, base (some assembly required), plexi-glass display case, instructions, and certificate of authenticity.

    # Batteries: 4 AA (not included)

    # Dimensions:

    * Display: 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 8″

    * Arc Unit: approx. 4.5″ diameter x 4.5″

    This would be awesome if it had a power adaptor, I hate using batteries for items like this.

    via ThinkGeek


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    AUTOIMAGES HMV93763Alg Iron Man 2 Movie Action Figures Wave 1

    Based on the hugely popular film series, these 3 3/4-inch scale Iron Man figures are inspired by the big movies. Pick all your favorites, and marvel at the fantastic detail! This case of 12 individually packaged action figures includes:

    1x Iron Man Mark I

    1x Iron Man Mark II

    1x Hypervelocity Armor Iron Man

    1x Deep Dive Armor Iron Man

    1x Iron Monger

    3x Power Assault Armor Iron Man

    4x Iron Man Mark III

    (subject to change)

    via Entertainment Earth.

    They say it’s an Iron Man II set, but then include the Iron Monger?  I dunno man.

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    41AKIvR78QL. SS400  Iron Man Mark I 1/6 12 figure Iron Man Mark I 1/6 12″ figure: Toys & Games.

    51QRUERBeYL. SS400  Iron Man Mark I 1/6 12 figure51E0nPd5AkL. SS400  Iron Man Mark I 1/6 12 figure

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    The IRON MAN MARK II features:

    Authentic and detailed fully realized Mark 2 Armor

    Stands approximate 30 cm tall

    Over 36 points of articulation

    Metal-like painting

    Special features on the MARK II armor:

    Light up glowing eyes and heart (battery operated)

    Articulated flaps at back of the armor and on legs

    Working forearms missile

    Prove that TONY STARK has a heart â accessory with light up function

    Three pairs of Interchangeable hands, including light up replusor palms

    Alternate head that has a raising face- plate revealing the face of Robert Downey Jr. as TONY STARK

    12-inch figure stand

    via Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 12 Inch Deluxe Figure Iron Man Mark II: Toys & Games.

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    TONY STARK MECH TECH 1/6 Tony Stark (Mech Test Version) by Hot Toys

    here comes the long-awaiting Tony Stark collectible figure (Mech Test version) in his ready-to-flight style with value-added accessories that you must be impressed! The real-like collectible figure will be available in end of the first quarter next year!

    via TOYSREVILs I LIKE TOYS: 1/6 Tony Stark (Mech Test Version) by Hot Toys in 2010.

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