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CoolProps are proud to present the Giger’s Alien Head Life-Size Prop Replica which was approved by H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland.

This mysterious creature, which took Nostromo’s crew’s lives, appeared in the 1979 movie, “ALIEN”. The monster created by H.R. Giger haunts fans with its name and appearance still to this day.

The Life-Size head prop replica of H.R. Giger’s Alien was developed using the prop from H.R. Giger’s workshop. The characteristic transparent dome was faithfully reproduced with modern techniques.

MSRP is $1,799.99 so save your pennies, but holy heck this is an impressive prop replica

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Which came first?

We kind of love that this packaging has a Choking Hazard on it since it works on two levels. The facehuggers are pretty small, so they’re literally a choking hazard, but also their raison d’etre is to become a choking hazard. Presumably the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission hasn’t yet come up with guidelines for Chestbursting Hazards or that’d be on here, too.Guaranteed free-range and cage-free, this set of a half-dozen Xenomorph eggs from Alien includes 3 which have hatched out the cutest little facehuggers. These glow-in-the-dark eggs come in a slightly-oversized but not-enough-to-be-noticeable-unless-it’s-next-to-another-egg-carton container. That’s why we suggest you wait until the next time you run out of eggs to slip these into the fridge to freak somebody out.Note: See packaging for safe-handling instructions. Neither ThinkGeek nor Weyland-Yutani is responsible for any spaceship infestation or planetary destruction that may occur.Product Specifications

  • Alien – Xenomorph Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Set
  • Officially-licensed Alien merchandise
  • Half-dozen glow-in-the-dark eggs, 3 of which have hatched the cutest tiny facehuggers with poseable tails
  • Guaranteed free-range and cage-free
  • This is what happens when you don’t use your eggs by the expiration date
  • Dimensions: 3″ tall x 2″ diameter eggs; 7 1/4″ wide x 3 1/4″ tall x 5 1/4″ deep carton
  • In scale with 7″ figures
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Includes 6 eggs, 3 facehuggers, and egg-carton packaging With Weyland-Yutani logo
  • Ages 17+
  • WARNING – SMALL PARTS – Not intended for children under 3 years of age. 
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Alien Skull Foam Replica main Aliens Foam Prop Replica   36 Alien Skull

Product Size: 36″ long
Material: Foam Rubber and Latex

Add the ultimate trophy to your collection with this massive Xenomorph Skull replica! Based on the deadly creatures from the classic Aliens movie, this incredible piece measures 36″ long and comes with a display stand for tabletop use or wall mounting.

The Xenomorph Skull Foam Replica is made of durable foam rubber and latex that’s carefully hand-painted for extra eerie detail.

Stand requires minor assembly; instructions included.

Alien Skull Foam Replica 4 Aliens Foam Prop Replica   36 Alien Skull

Alien Skull Foam Replica 1 Aliens Foam Prop Replica   36 Alien Skull

Alien Skull Foam Replica Aliens Foam Prop Replica   36 Alien Skull

Alien Skull Foam Replica 2 Aliens Foam Prop Replica   36 Alien Skull

Alien Skull Foam Replica 3 Aliens Foam Prop Replica   36 Alien Skull

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alienfacehugger Do you want a hug?

In this classic bust of Alien, Kane is getting his face hugged after he’s chosen to be a host.  This bust is 4.75″ and is unforgettable.  Great for Alien fans!

via BBCW Distributors.

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ALIEN – 1/4th scale ALIEN collectible bust

– This collectible bust captures the iconic character – ALIEN in the approximately 1/4th scale in fine sculpture

– The plastic bust stands approximate 12 inches / 30 cm tall

– Complete with partial Alien body stand featuring ALIEN logo

ALIEN TM & © 2008 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

{Release date: Q3, 2008}

Sculpted and Painted by Joseph Tsang

oh god, why would you want this on your shelf, I would pee my pants every time the lights were out and I caught that stupid thing staring at me.


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Movie Replicas Direct is proud to present another Hollywood Collectibles Group Life Size Sculpt! The Extremely Limited Alien 1:1 Scale Lifesize Chestburster Bust with Blood!

From James Cameron’s Oscar winning “Aliens”, we are proud to present our officially licensed Chestbuster!

Depicted bursting from the chest of its hapless victim, the Chestburster already demonstrates the same aggression and ferocity of it’s full grown siblings.

Created from the same molds that were used to create the original creature, this is a must have for any Aliens fan and a spectacular addition to your collection. Approximately 12″ tall.

Strictly limited to just 500 pieces worldwide.

Paint masters by Dan “Danno” Cope.

Order your Alien 1:1 Scale Lifesize Chestburster Bust with Blood by Hollywood Collectibles and let Movie Replicas Direct deliver your bust in the next few days!

Alien 1:1 Scale Lifesize Chestburster Bust with Blood – only $199.99

“with blood”? Does it come with a bucket of blood that you throw on it fresh every morning, just to give it that special glistening look that all modern chestbursters strive for?

Also, “chestburter Bust with Blood” is one hell of a tongue twister for me.

via Movie Replicas Direct.

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alien facehugger plush replica Alien Life Sized Facehugger Plush

# Cute and cuddly? That’s right, there are a few new adjectives that you can now apply to the infamous bugger
# Constructed of a durable wire frame and the highest quality plush materials

I would assume that this is for adult collectors only, but wouldn’t it just look darling in your baby’s crib?

via Alien Life-Sized Facehugger Plush Alien Life Sized Facehugger Plush

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the giant size of this item, it can only be shipped by freight truck on a large pallet. We will contact you to work out shipping details.

The 1:1 Alien Life-sized Statue is a hand-painted intricately constructed fiberglass sculpture measuring 7’ 8” tall. Harvested directly from the molds used to create the Alien costumes for the original film, the life-sized Alien features a translucent cranial housing and a set of pharyngeal jaws, and is mounted atop a pedestal designed to simulate the grid work floor of the Nostromo, complete with floor-situated concealed lighting.

In the original film, the crew of the Nostromo answers what is initially interpreted as a distress signal, investigating a foreboding planetoid and discovering a dank alien spacecraft manned by a single, long-dead life form. The subsequent discovery by Executive Officer Kane of a nest of eggs leads to Kane’s mishap with the Facehugger. In the medical bay of the Nostromo is it ascertained that the acid-secreting Facehugger cannot be forcefully removed. Eventually, the Facehugger, reduced to a grisly husk, voluntarily detaches, although soon after the Chestburster rips its way out of Kane and vanishes, later reappearing as the Alien. Infiltrating the darkened crawlspaces and corridors of the Nostromo, the Alien preys upon the Nostromo’s crew, until only the resourceful Warrant Officer Ripley remains.

via 1:1 Alien Life Size Statue – Alien Statues & Busts.

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d0ff alien 18in figure Alien 18 Figure

Can you believe it’s been 30 years since the original Alien movie? Some of our younger monkeys weren’t even alive when it came out – but that doesn’t stop them from being major fans. Touted as one of the greatest movie monsters of all time, the original Alien designed by H.R. Giger was an amazing sight to behold. Not to mention that it haunted our dreams for weeks – nay, MONTHS! But that’s what kept us coming back, got our butts in the theater to see the sequel, and got our credit cards out to buy the DVDs to watch again and again at home. There’s something about an iconic monster like the Alien that makes us both terrified and gleeful.

BIG Chap

…which is why everyone at ThinkGeek HQ has been loving this figure! For starters, it’s HUGE. It’s built to the 18″ = 6 feet scale, so in total, it’s about 22″ when it’s standing up straight. The quality of the sculpt is amazing, with every little detail down to the shape of the hands true to the original film. (Speaking of that, since he is from the original Alien, you can see through his skull to the interior bone.) Its inner mouth can extend out or be tucked inside. The best part about this figure is the options for posing it. There are points of articulation in the neck, jaw, shoulders, elbows, chest, knees, and ankles and the tail is fully bendable, so there’s a huge range of possibilities when it comes to displaying your new friend.

Product Specifications

* 18″ scale action figure of the terrifying Alien from the movie aptly named… Alien

* Full size of figure is approximately 22″ tall

* Designed based on the Alien from the classic 1979 movie

* Amazing quality sculpt and paint that is screen accurate

* Bendable tail and points of articulation in the neck, jaw, shoulders, elbows, chest, knees, and ankles

* Inner mouth can extend out or be tucked inside

* Quality joints mean your figure will hold the poses you put it in – no wilting!

* WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

via ThinkGeek :: Alien 18″ Figure.

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d0f5 usb light up alien Alien USB Collectible

Big Chap’s squat cousin

We have the ginormous 22″ Alien, but then we realized, maybe you don’t have that much room on your desk. Maybe you’re stuck in a tiny cubicle that doesn’t allow you to express yourself with such flair and reckless abandon. (Have you considered applying to work here?) Or maybe you don’t like the kind of action figure that requires you to provide the action. We grok your laziness, friend. Life is way easier when you can have all your hard work accomplished through the miracle of USB.

Little Chap

That’s why we love the USB Light-Up Alien. He’s a squished down version of Big Chap, measuring at just over nine inches tall. With a 1m long USB cable, you can even reach to plug him into the back of your tower or docking station. Every so often, his mouth will open, glowing with an evil red glow, and the inner mouth will extend out, reminding you that at any moment, you could die a horrible, horrible death. (And isn’t that what most day jobs are all about?)

Product Specifications

* Little Chap USB Light-Up Alien with Illuminated Inner Mouth

* He’s from Japan!

* True to the movie, except he’s a bit squished (In a cute but still evil way)

* Think of him like an adorable dwarf version of Big Chap

* Inner pops out and lights up at random intervals

* Size: 9.4″ tall

via ThinkGeek :: Alien USB Collectible.

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